Friday, September 11, 2015

HOT sale - 50% off Amber Lotus calendars expires on Saturday 9-12

Greetings Everyone,

  My computer died 3 weeks ago. The challenges to rebuild from that event have been well, challenging! (more on that later, maybe....)

My new computer (lovingly named Moby because he is so shiny and huge) got up and running at 4:30 am this morning. JUST in time to see that Amber Lotus has put me on their artist spotlight page HERE and.....drum roll....for just a few more hours, you can get your Faerie House calendars at 50% off!!!

Just go to the artist spotlight page and you'll find a link from there to order. You can get this special deal only from this link which is:
 Sorry I couldn't get this message out yesterday...I was elbow deep in wires and connectors trying to put my life back together again! 

Hope this news brings a smile! 


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