Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hemp Faerie house finished!

Greetings Everyone!

(apologies to my subscribers if you are seeing this a second time. There was an issue with the Youtube video presentation that I did not like so I've replaced that video below)

   And now we get to the fun part! The final landscaping and "dressing" of the Faerie house with all the little details is always the most enjoyable part of the process and this house was no exception. The challenge however remained to incorporate as much hemp as possible... which meant hemp stones, of course! 

  I took some of the fluffy hemp and rolled it into small rounded pea and bean sized balls and then wrapped them in the coarse, thin fibers to make my "hemp pebbles". They had a fun an pillowy look which I liked.
I did have a bit of trouble getting the fine strands of hemp however... as BB had decided that he liked the hemp for his own pillow.

Finally I needed a way for the door to have some sort of entrance ramp or stairs. I had envisioned a spiral ramp and did make one. 

But it had a problem in that when viewed from above, the ramp hid all the beautiful details in the wood base. That seemed a shame so I went back to the materials to see what I could come up with to give a sense of a staircase. I ended up fashioning a sort of a tree fungus, mushroom and emerging mushroom out of the hemp batting. These were installed and they worked much better without hiding the wood burl details:

The final step was to add some sparkle. I had some nice pale green beads that were wired into a vine but the green paper covering the wires was too bright so I took more of the hemp paper and re-wrapped all the wired vines to help them blend in better. It was a small detail that took hours to do but in the end was well worth the effort. 

Here we are beginning to see the final result. The hemp "stones" are in place, the mushroom steps are working well and the sparkly greenery is adding a nice softening effect while pulling the whole sculpture together.

And here it is! 

and with the lights on:

and at twilight:

as an extra treat, here you can see it in the round at the end of this post!  

Thanks Everyone for reading about the hemp house construction. Now for a final bit of news.... this house is for sale!  If anyone is in New York city, you can go see the house in-person as it will be at the "Art on paper" show March 3-6 at Pier 36 ( link to the show is HERE ).

The house is being sold at the show but you can also purchase it online if you are unable to get to the show by clicking  here:!raffle/pyxfm 

Thanks everyone!

As for the video below, I'm not sure why but blogger has compressed the video so much that it looks terrible when seen full screen. Such a shame.
If you'd like to see the video in youtube you can click HERE to go see it. Unfortunately, I cannot control the video clips that are offered after my video is finished. Youtube chooses those and I was not pleased with what they chose to follow my presentation. My apologies for the confusion.

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