Sunday, September 24, 2017

Equinox Spiral

Taking a few moments in the garden on the day after the Equinox to celebrate the moment when the earth is poised and balanced. Even if we cannot see it in our daily life this reminder comes round, twice each year, that we can in a heartbeat, realign.

I was clipping off the dead and dying blossoms from a Dahlia plant in my garden when I looked at the handful of browning blooms and realized that there was still some Beauty in them. I cleared a patch of moss in the shade and began to pull out the petals that were still fresh and full of colour. Arranging them in a spiral, making a bit of art in the moment was an act of defiance in a way. Refusing to be overcome with sadness (and there is much to feel sad about these days). A simple bit of making something new, even if it lasts only an afternoon can be magical. And liberating.

I invite you to make your own statement of resilience. Your own ritual of renewal. Your own re-commitment ceremony to the Earth. Go outdoors. Find some objects of Nature. Make a spiral. Celebrate the day. It's not hard to do... Namaste.


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