Monday, August 11, 2008

Magic Returns

This little hut came from a dream I had a while back. I saw a wee house with leaves for a roof, and was completely enchanted with the idea. The leaves worked beautifully. Here we have Hazel, Beech and Yellow Birch leaves forming the canopy over a white birch twig frame. The two windows are made from willow twigs and it took me several hours to make the pair. I discovered that if you found just the right shaped willow branches, and bent them slowly and carefully, they could form rather nice heart shapes.

We have had so much rain here. Some places have had severe flooding. Yesterday it finally stopped and for a few hours the clouds lifted and the sun shone in-between the remnants of the gloom. To see the sun shining again, even if for only a few minutes here and there, it felt like hope was returning to our valley. I gratefully received the afternoon as I could finally go out and shoot this little house up in the mountains by the swollen river.

Then, an added blessing that I never could have dreamed up ... the sun peeked out from behind the clouds one last time before disappearing behind the ridge. And when it did, the angle was just right to show a heart shaped light into the interior of the house, perfectly framed in the doorway ! The camera was already aimed and focused, I just had to shoot to get this one incredible frame. When magic like that happens, I feel so blessed to be doing this work. This is not a Photoshop really happened. I could not have planned it if I had tried, there were so many variables....this is just the grace of the Universe and the Faeries doing their magic for all to enjoy !!

Have a great week, everyone !


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, this is adorable. Speaking of faeries, did you know you can create a faerie at Disney's new Faerie page? Make a home for her etc. Might be a place to search for some ideas? *shrugs* I just thought it was neat and thought of you as I was making a house.

syren said...

What a dear little house. I can't believe the sun came out just in time and at the right angle to get the heart shape inside. You obviously have non human admirers of your work too. ;)
I know what you mean about the rain - last summer I think it rained for 2 months with a day of respite here and there. With the humidity, everything went mouldy and everywhere smelled damp. We were so sick of it. Pity it didn't save some for winter, because we really need it now. Instead we've had a week of frosts, which is unheard of. Well, maybe,just maybe, a week of frosts over the whole winter but not consecutively and not heavy ones. You'll laugh it this but we actually had ice on the birdbath (shock, horror)!!!
Hope you get some more sunshine very soon.

Robin S. said...


Laume said...

The wee house is exquisite and don't you just love the gift of capturing a moment like that!

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Thanks Everyone for your kind comments !

Yes, this was a magical moment for me. I felt as if my dad came shining into this moment and helped it happen...that meant a lot to me. I really miss him sometimes.

So much happens in our lives that is based in intuition, but we don't give it much credit...we are such a logic-based culture. That is what I love about doing this work...all the little "miracles" that happen... they are just little moments, really...but we all know what it is like to have that "in tune " feeling and feeling the flow of the moment carrying us in just the right way. I've discovered that we can increase the frequency of that feeling by simply focusing on it when we do have it... paying attention builds intention which gives us more awareness. Another spiral journey !

Thanks for all your great comments !

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,
I was just lucky enough to see your work at the Shelburne Farms Art Exhibit and was amazed. You are very talented and I can not wait to take my daughters back to see your work.

Thank you!!!

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Thank you "Anonymous" !

The reception of the work at the Shelburne Farms show has been very positive... thank you so much for your kind comments!


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