Thursday, August 7, 2008

Spiral Journey

This one signals my return to the creative life.
Moving outward from a milestone in one's life is like a spiral dance... something, some event brings you to the center point...the place where time stands still.

But Life moves on whether we are ready or not... so, eventually must we learn to move outward once again too.

At first the steps are tiny, like the leaves near the center...tiny and simple. Then, as we move gently from the center outward, complexity builds and soon, we are fully engaged again with all the layers, colours, textures and interwoven patterns that are our own unique lives. For me, this is how it has been, anyway. Letting go , moving tiny step after another.

We have been having endless days of rain. A whole month of rainy weather has dogged us. Rivers are swollen, flash flood advisories are almost daily events now. The lake, all 100 + miles long of it has risen at least a foot in just the past week...that is a LOT of water and more is forecast. The mosquitoes are thriving. Working in all of this is very challenging. But the moss is happy...SOOooooo happy ! As are the trees. So this piece is also a celebration of the lush green of the landscape here. Usually by late July and early August, things are dry and beginning to look a bit parched. Not this year ! And now, leaves and moss and I are going to become friends again. This feels like a good place to start my own spiral journey back to working with Nature.

Thanks Everyone for having patience and hanging in there with me. I'll be posting more regularly once again ! :-)


syren said...

What a lovely analogy. It's very close to something that came to me one night recently. For various reasons I found myself sitting at the top the verandah stairs on a cold and clear night listening to the life around me and realised that whatever we humans do, we do because we're striving for more. More life or whatever it is that gives us that feeling of living more. Admittedly some of us go about it in quite a destuctive way (I'm thinking drugs, alcohol etc).Listening to all the striving going on around me, I felt a part of it, in the flow, so to speak. It was one of those light bulb moments where the concept of our connection to all things became the experience. It was really quite a wonderful experience.
Re: the rain, do you think you could send it down here, we are having a very dry winter :)

Laume said...

What a lovely spiral! I recently had the pleasure of participating in a spiral dance at this August's Faerieworlds Festival. It's a potent symbol of how we not only move forward but also come back round learning more each time we circle.

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