Friday, October 24, 2008

Autumn Magic in the Marsh

One of the incredibly blue days last week. I spent the day in a sub-alpine marsh. The marsh was shallow last year, but a beaver had moved in and built a dam and raised the water level by nearly 18 inches... I was unable to explore the fullness of the marsh without a boat, but thankfully I had my waders and the water was not too cold.

First, I played with the lily-pads and the sky itself.
This was incredibly hard to achieve as the lily pads seem to actually be designed to push away from one another... perhaps in a different season they might be less slippery... I shall have to try this again next summer.

Then I installed this fabulous Marsh Faerie House... Marsh Faeries love the solitude of their surroundings and they need ample access to play with the fireflies that frequent these area in spring time and the dragonflies that rule the air thru the summer.

As the sun got lower on the horizon, the blues began to deepen in all the shadowy areas adding lovely depth and contrast.

It is fitting that this house sits in a pond enhanced by beavers. Many of the twigs that went into making this house were salvaged from along the nearby river... beavers had clipped and stripped the bark from the twigs upstream... after having been cleaned of the nutritious bark, the twigs float downstream to get caught in various roots and rocks where I find them. They are beautifully trimmed, white and smoothed by the time I find them. Other branches from this collection are from the cedar trees that are along the river... winter ice had pulled them from the trees and peeled the bark during the violent spring run-off season. Each branch was collected and received with a prayer of gratitude.

Next up... more spirals !

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