Friday, October 31, 2008

A Gathering of Stones

This seemingly simple spiral was a journey deeper into the mysteries of the river. The challenge was to use the stones to 'push' the water slightly into forming a circular flow pattern... and then try to capture the image.

The little swirling spiral is actually made from the movement of the water, the stones merely reinforce and mirror the motion.

The stones were all collected from the same river as the one they are now reflected in... but from much further upstream in the mountains. I wonder how long it takes the water from up there to get here?

One more spiral and then some more Faerie Houses are up next ! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Halloween Everyone !



This image would be a brilliant companion piece to a Haiku that I wrote in 2000:

Smooth rocks remember
The days when they were jagged.
So does the river.

Sally, You are taking advantage of your versatile environment in so many breath-taking ways!
I'm blown away by the clean simplicity that manifests into such powerful images. Fabulous work and I can envision your enthusiasm.

In different ways, all my work stems from a desert environment. I have only been in Arizona for less than two years, and I feel like a kid in a candy store.

I admire your tenacity to work in the cold, would do me in. :-)

Best Regards,
Savannah O'Brien

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Thank you Savannah so much !!

I love your Haiku !! You are right, it IS perfect.. if I ever publish this image, I will contact you to see if you would allow me to use this poem, with credit of course, and hopefully some other form of energy exchange.

As for working in the winter.. I do love the ice, but not the cold.. but it's what I have to deal with to work with the ice. I would LOVE to explore other environments some day.. The things I could do with cactus spines ! ;-)

Thank you again for your kind remarks !


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