Saturday, December 5, 2009

Final Calendar sale

I've received word from Pomegranate that this calendar has officially sold out, which is great news for them and for me! For those of you who ordered online, thank you so very much for your support! For those people who were still hoping to get theirs, you may still be able to order directly from the publisher (use the link in the upper right of the blog page). But if they have run out, you are in luck because you can still get them from me.

I have a few copies left here which I will be glad to sign (and personalize if you like) and ship out. Postage will depend on how many you get and I charge only what the PO charges. I'll even add a few(randomly selected) free greeting cards if you'd like to get this offer.

Email me directly and I'll be happy to assist you. Paypal is preferred but I'll work with you if you don't use it.

These photos do not do the actual calendar justice... the colours are rich, vibrant and not so dark as they look on-screen.

I'll be back to regular (non-commercial) postings after this page runs for a few days. I know a lot of people are just now doing their holiday shopping and this may be hard to find in the stores. Not to worry... I still have some ! :-)

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