Thursday, April 29, 2010

A different kind of Golden Arch

Once again our spring is full of surprises. April started out with freak temperatures close to 80 then it has been up and down and all over the place for the entire month. Yesterday and today was really wild... over 12 inches of snow in the mountains! I decided that I needed to stay closer to home and dare the sun to come out.

I made this sculpture using some of the incredible daffodils my neighbour grows in her garden. She generously lets me come to pick and use whatever I want and I am really grateful for her generosity. With all the rain and snow of the past two days a large puddle had formed down in the field. It seemed like the perfect spot to create a reflection piece and then stand around in the cold and wind and see if the sun would come out to play.
It did... finally. Unfortunately I was unable to show the glistening white peaks in the background... the puddle was just not quite in the right part of the field to catch the mountains which were all snowy white. Still, I am not disappointed with this effort.

I want to thank all my supporters and fans for their patience as I recovered from the very big production of finishing and launching my DVD. Sales have been strong and the feedback has been incredibly positive... deep and humble thanks to all who have taken the time to write with your comments and feedback. It is very much appreciated. As soon as I can I am going to try to figure out how to create a page where people can leave their comments for the DVD... I thought it would be fun for the fans to see what others are saying about their experiences watching the "movie".

I also have been receiving some BIG promptings from Spirit recently... some ideas that will be much larger in scope and purpose. I'll talk more about that when I get more clarity about the projects but in the meantime... spring is finally here and it is time to get creative with the colour and delicacy of the season! I have made a few other pieces recently and have some more ideas brewing so here's hoping the sun will come out to play in the next few days... if it can, then so will I !!

Bright Blessings to one and all... Happy Spring!!!

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