Monday, May 3, 2010

Faerie Tea House

A sweet place for some Faerie Tea, perhaps. Or a nap, listening to the forest come alive in the warm spring air!

Working with flowers is such a joy, and requires an entirely different set of skills, timing and even more patience than any of the other materials I work with... hard to believe but it is true. I created 4 different flower houses/sculptures today, the conditions were mostly perfect... a milky bright sky with little to no wind... and beautiful, glowing flowers in glorious abundance.

After I finished photographing this one, I realized I was not alone... someone had been watching me the whole time. I managed to sneak a photo of them... come back later this week to see who it was!


Anna said...

This is SO beautiful!!! I'm amazed at what you have done with the various flowers and parts. Your photography is wonderful, too!

geni said...

It is so brilliant in color, it almost doesn't look real!

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