Saturday, April 17, 2010

FREE shipping offer from Lulu!

Hi Everyone,

I just sent out my newsletter announcing that I have dropped the price on my new book, Spirals Spirals and THEN I received a notice form Lulu that they are offering a coupon towards FREE shipping.... sheesh!

So, I'll post the news here and hopefully if you wanted the book, you'll find this notice! I'm so sorry I could not put it right in the newsletter!

Lulu will give you a $3.99 credit towards your order if you just type in :
FREEMAIL305 in the appropriate space as you check out. For most people, this will cover the cost of mailing one book, via media mail.

Enjoy!! and Happy Spring!!



Steven Hellman said...

Hi Sally,

Are you the artist of the fire dragon that was used for a jigsaw puzzle? If so, would the image be avaible to use as part of an author's website and what might that cost?


Steven Hellman

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Hi Steve,

Please email me. Yes I am that artist :-)

My email addy is: or you can use the link on the right side of my blog page.



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