Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My "Supervisor"

Sitting sweetly on the same branch as the one I was hanging my Faerie house from was this lovely friend. The first Tree frog of Spring! These are some of my absolute most favourite creatures and it was such a surprise to see this one just 10 inches from where I had been working. S/he had been hidden by a clump of flowers which is why I didn't see it right away.

Later in the day, as it warmed up I was treated to an inter-species serenade. The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker who has arrived in these woods only recently began his very loud drumming on some very hard and dry dead tree limbs overhead. The rhythm is almost identical to the Tree frog's trills and sure enough, a tree frog began answering. Back and forth the drumming and trilling continued each one replying to the other and all the while I smiled and just simply enjoyed the magic of the moment.

More constructions have been created this past week, I now have to select some new images out of over 300 shot in the past few days! I tend to take a LOT of photos then edit them down to the best dozen or so. Come back soon to see a new dandelion creation and more flower sculptures!


geni said...

So cute!
All tucked in.

Bonnie said...

Love this litte "guy"! Isn't it comforting to know that all of creation is watching over us? Looking forward to your next photos.

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