Monday, June 28, 2010

A bit of cool

A bit of cool for summer's heat.

This wee house was made in a different location but I didn't like how it looked, so I waited till I could find a better one. I chanced upon this spring gushing from the side of a rock wall and thought how lovely it might look tucked in here. Usually I like to have the houses blend more with the background, but this tiny waterfall was just too pretty to not use and I liked how the birch house gave the image a sharp focus.

The window is made from a single branch of a weeping willow (a tree that loves watery places) and is woven back upon itself to create the slightly Celtic pattern. My niece who looked at this photo asked me how the faeries got into the house since there didn't seem to be a door... but then she added, "well, they must fly down the opening in the top of the roof, like at your house, right?" (I have a skylight that opens in the top of the roundish roof that is the center of my home) I congratulated her on discovering the secret entrance to this house ;-) Kids don't miss much!


Valerianna said...

wow, that's a particularly nice one... and the setting is awesome. I'm ready to find the shrinking potion and move right in!

Bonnie K said...


Bonnie K said...

Looking at this photo 11 days after it was posted...and during this current heat wave we are experiencing in the northeast US...well, let's just say it is the perfect remedy. I feel refreshed already.

I miss your postings. Hope all is well.

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