Monday, October 25, 2010

Faerie sighting part 2

Then as I waited, things began to change... a bright beam of light began to illuminate the Faerie house from a completely different angle, it was as if a spot light was shining on the sculpture and I began to take quickly take photos again. The effect lasted for only about 2 minutes and when it passed I finally looked up from my camera to figure out what had just happened... the sun was reflecting off a window and shining onto that exact spot for the briefest period of time. The beam had to pass between several trees but for a few minutes everything did indeed line up. I had no idea this was even possible as I had never, in all my years living here, seen this phenomenon at this location.

So those Faeries had my respect and attention after that!!

I waited for a few more minutes to see if there might be any more surprises, but the sun began to dip below the heavy heads of the white pines and I knew that soon not enough light for good photos would be making it to this location so I decided to take a final two snaps and call it a day. That is when I took the photo that I posted earlier that had the Golden glowing shapes in it. It was the second to last image from the day.

Here is an enlargement.

Let me say again that this is not a Photoshop trick, this is just what was in my camera once I processed the images. I do not recall seeing this at the time with my eyes, but certainly, I felt the presence of "something".

There is a second blur of Golden light below the obvious first one. Is it the same Being pausing twice or are they two separate beings? I do not know, so I leave it up to you to decide.

I have always wondered if Faeries, or Elementals or whatever they are, might one day show up in one of my images. I've always felt that if they did, it would be on their terms and by their permission, not by any cleverness on my part. I'm just so delighted to have it happen and I feel honoured that they want to work with me in these small and mysterious ways.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Sally, I am all goosebumps right now! Even though I do think I've seen a faerie in one of your photographs before, this is one is so vivid. It's one of the most striking interdimensional photos I've ever seen.... she even appears to be waving at you! I've been told faeries are very discerning & I get the feeling this may have been their way of honoring you and expressing their gratitude for your kind & inquisitive spirit :)

Lovely work, Sally, as always!


Carolyn said...

What a wonderful, as in full of wonder, experience! This is a beautiful validation of your openness to the worlds of the 'hidden kingdom.' It gave me goosebumps!

Bonnie K said...

Oh my, Sally, what a wonderful blessing the Faeries have bestowed upon you! Actually, I saw them in the first photo you posted on Oct 22. Thank you for openly sharing this with us - not just the photos, but the story behind them. There is so much that we humans are "blind" to - especially in nature. We need only to open our hearts to these realities in the world around us.

The Nature spirits and devas have been working closely with me for some time now. I have learned so much from them...especially in connecting my work with nature.

Now I understand why I feel such a connection to you and your work. I would love to personally meet you someday, Sally! I'm sure that we would have much to share.

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Thank you so much Stephanie, Carolyn and Bonnie!

Yes, this was a magical moment and I'm so glad you "feel" something when you see it... I too had goosebumps, but sometimes I can't be objective about these things.


Thank you for taking the time to write!


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