Sunday, November 28, 2010

25% off sale one day at

Lulu has just advised me they are having a one day sale tomorrow , Nov. 29th for US customers only for 25% off any Lulu product.

For anyone who was not able to take advantage of the Calendar sale this is a nice deal. Or if you wanted to get some of my books for holiday giving this is a great time to order.

The sale is for one day only. I guess they are jumping on the cyber-monday bandwagon.

So if you would like to use this offer, type in the coupon code: 
on the coupon code box which is usually on the last page before you confirm your order.

Click on the "My storefront" link on the menu to the right and you'll see all my Lulu items that could be ordered for this 25% off discount.

Thank you again for your support and I will be writing more of my usual blog entries soon...I've had three very critical deadlines coming due this week-end so I've been focusing on those. The snow is beginning to fall up in the mountains and we had a first dusting down here. I had forgotten how exquisite Balsam trees are when etched in a light snowfall.

And for those who have been waiting... here is the previous house after a wee bit of wet snow arrived. Enjoy!!

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