Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Faerie Houses and other News!

Greetings Everyone and Happy late summer!

It has been an incredibly busy and productive summer for much so that I've had to focus on simply DOING whatever was in front of me and forget about any writing or blogging about what I was working on, at least in that moment. I could barely get a few of the photos processed before it was back in the saddle for another adventure.

  In addition, I had noticed that my next post was going to be post #400 so I wanted it to be something a little special.

It will take some time to get all the new out, but for now, let's celebrate the moment with one of my favourite little houses of the season, the Golden Birch Moss house. This house is made from a most amazing and unique piece of Golden Birch that I found in the woods this spring. Delicate, ferny moss had grown into the bark and gave it a wonderfully aged appearance. I collected as much usable material as I could and built this wee house that has definite Hobbit roots!

   In the first image I used real, living Lily blossoms for the roof. A dear friend had the most astonishing lilies this summer... they were HUGE and I could not resist using 2 blossoms for a roof. I wish I could have bottled the fragrance for you as well... it nearly made me drunk with the Spirit of High Summer!

 A few days later I had the same house with me as I was up in the mountains on a scouting mission and I found an incredible location full of wild blueberries. I had made a frame for the roof but had not covered it yet. A nearby Hazel tree offered up some leaves and I had JUST enough time to shingle the roof and set up the house in the blueberries before the sun sank below the misty mountains...
 Here we get closer to the house just as the sun is setting. The door handle is made from a Grape vine tendril and 3 dried tree fungus make the walkway thru the Club moss to the front door. Time for a cuppa tea methinks!
 And finally, a week later, when the producer/cinematographer from Mountain Lake PBS was here, I set the house up again in this little mossy nook which happens to be on the edge of my ceremonial stone circle. This time I used Hosta leaves to do a demonstration which he filmed. The Hosta leaves draped beautifully and added gorgeous frosted edges to each "shingle" as they were layered on. We had to wait many minutes for the earth to turn so the beautiful shadow fell on the stones, but the wait was worth it!

So stay tuned.... I have more houses to share, news and links about a new calendar, new cards which are at the printers right now as I type and more to say about shooting the video footage with Derek Muirden for the PBS piece he is doing on my work. There are other things to share as well, but for now, let me take a moment to thank each and every one of you who comes to thee pages and who enjoys,shares and supports what I do.... I simply could not do this work without you. Thank YOU for sticking with me on this crazy, magical adventure!

BRIGHT Blessings all around you and yours!!!


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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 400th post!
And oh...what a beauty...I'd really love living in your lily roof faerie house!

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