Monday, June 15, 2015

Spoilt for choice

Sometimes something works well. On rare occasions, it works well twice.

Anticipating the arrival of the Lilac season, I made a festive Castle that I thought would look splendid with Lilac flowers for roofs. And, when the rain clouds finally cleared and there were a few good sprigs of Lilac blossoms left, I had my chance to try it out... and i was pleased with the results:

But then I discovered a field of Lupines. Now, I know that in some parts of New England and even in many places around the world, the Lupines can be spectacular. Ever since I saw acres of them near my Grandmother's house, making a comeback, I've wanted to do something with a Faerie house and Lupines. But the ones that are in my immediate area are small patches in people's gardens which are lovely but I had wanted to go for the big field look. And yesterday I got my chance. Trouble was, the house I had been working on for the Lupines was not finished, but yesterday promised to be good shooting weather, so I took the same castle I used for the Lilacs and tried it again.

Now, as my Scottish friend would say, I'm "Spoilt for choice"!

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