Friday, June 18, 2010

Green Light

In the forest this time of year, everything is bathed in green light. This is such a soothing colour to be in but it is hard for us photographers!

This wee cottage was made for some friends of mine who were visiting me, and it now lives with them in their home far away in the misty mountains. The door is decorated with a tiny button-like piece of driftwood that I had found along the river. The house was made ahead of time and then I looked along the river for the perfect place to "hang" it. When I saw this enormous Aspen tree in the woods with all the beautiful snowy white mushrooms, I knew this was the place. Wild strawberries had sent their runners high up the tree looking for sunlight, but the canopy overhead of oak, beech, maple and birch was thick, so only small pools of sun could form on the forest floor below. I had no trouble finding the perfect place for the house... it just nestled up against the tree like it had been there all along.

I apologize to my regular readers for my long space between postings. I have been working hard on another calendar for Pomegranate and we just wrapped up the 2012 images... it is so strange to be working so far in the future. Usually my biggest concern is whether the clouds are going to obscure the sun in the next 10 minutes. Also, I've just gotten my next round of images completed for the online print ordering program. I'm getting very close to launching that, but I have to take some time off to be with family who are visiting from far away. I will try to catch up as soon as I can. I have some images for you on stand-by in case I am unable to create any new works in the coming week + a few days. Again, my apologies. And for those of you who have written me lovely emails about dandelions... I will try to reply soon... I've just been swamped with summer's demands. But the Solstice is coming up in a few days and I will try to post something to celebrate this very special time.


Valerianna said...

So excited to find your blog! Just started perusing... I live in Western Mass in a magical hemlock forest where art and spirit gatherings happen. I also teach and look forward to sharing your work with students. Wonderful work, thank you!

Blessings from RavenWood Forest, MA

Bonnie K said...

I can feel the lovely green light bathing it's healing energies over me as I look at this photo. Thank you for the work that you do, Sally, as I sense deeply that it honors Mother Earth. And in honoring her, I sense it helps to heal her. She is hurting so much right now...another earthquake just yesterday (Ottawa) and felt here in western NY state.

I do miss your blog updates and photos of new work, but I also realize and understand your busyness right now. I will be patient.

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